Tara L. Jacobi

About Tara

Tara Jacobi was born and raised on Long Island. She studied political science and philosophy as an undergraduate. She focused on international law while attending Pace University School of Law and the University College London. She represented insurance companies while working in private practice in New York City. Before transitioning to state government she worked for a variety of non-profit organizations. She represented the States of Maine and Nevada in developing their child support enforcement polices. She currently lives on the Central Coast of California with her husband and son while working as a teacher and freelance writer.



A good article changes minds. Articles are objective, requiring research or factual data but may also encompass stories of people with varying perspectives. Showing a reader the depth of a topic with a clarity that might capture a truth is an art form.

Business Writing

Successful businesses emerge from explicit sound strategy. Starting with a business plan is just the beginning but essential to creating a premise. Consistently reevaluating your objectives drives growth and can be discovered in updating an initial business plan or in a case study.


Promoting is crucial. How you sell your product or service may make the difference. Sharing your clients’ stories can cultivate meaningful connections for others.


Higher eduction is being propelled by technology to offer a greater variety of interactive coursework through video productions of subjects to their students. Designing curriculum to provide informative online interactive lectures will allow your campus to thrive.


Memorable essays reveal an honest self-reckoning the author is struggling to digest. Many marry seemingly unrelated topics together forcing us to consider a new truth.


A manual outlining courses of action is essential to guide employee conduct for business entities.


Acknowledging the work with mutual regard but being frank with the specifics of an experience is the heart of a worthy review.


Celebrated speeches leave people inspired to take action. Most have a theme with limited and targeted points. When conveying detailed and complex information the audience will learn and remember the stories you tell them from personal experience.


Stories are the spirits we keep at home in our lives.


El Vette Donated

While growing up I came to know there was nothing my dad could not fix. At some point, I noticed my dad, John Jacobi (sometimes known as JJ) strived to do things differently than most. For instance, he wouldn’t buy something if he knew he could make it. Sometimes this was just plain embarrassing to me but as I got older I realized not everyone could engineer the things that he did. He was an engineer by trade and grew up working in garages on cars. Our family never took any of our cars to a shop as there was no need. He would also improve upon something if he knew he could build it another way. Nothing hits this point across like what he did with his most favorite type of car – the Corvette. more

2018’s Outstanding Woman Lawyer, who helps empower women

In 2012, the Women Lawyers Association created the Outstanding Woman Lawyer Award to honor a female attorney in San Luis Obispo County promoting the advancement of women within our community. The Outstanding Woman Lawyer Award known as the OWL Award is presented annually, in March, in honor of Women’s History Month, followed by a speaker addressing elimination of bias for continuing education credits. Two years later, we created the Rising Star Award allowing us to also recognize younger lawyers, having practiced seven years or less, but who are no less in their actions promoting the advancement of women. more

What if we took the turkey out of Thanksgiving?

It is that time of year again: the holiday season. Thanksgiving is the time when we should take stock of our lives and give gratitude for all that we have. What a novel concept—as opposed to other holidays where we take stock of what we might perceive we don’t have and demand more and more. It is my favorite holiday. I love the idea and task of focusing on all that I am grateful for. more

Is the Cost of Law School too High for Women?

Fifteen years ago, I graduated from law school in New York, with your typical law school educational debt.  My first job out of school, I earned what seemed like a decent salary but facing educational debts, as well, made it challenging if not impossible to live on my own in New York City.  I found solace in speaking with other young attorneys like myself about how to survive. more

Copyright Protection: Can a joke be copyrighted?

Whether a joke can be copyrighted is an interesting issue. Stealing jokes is nothing new to comedy writers. Yet, it is uncommon for comedians to use copyright infringement lawsuits to protect their jokes because of the costs involved. Moreover, due to the difficulty in proving "ownership" of a joke, success rates in such lawsuits are low.

In theory, a joke can be copyrighted, but there are numerous barriers that might not allow a plaintiff to gain copyright protection. We will discuss each of the five hurdles a plaintiff must overcome to succeed. more